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Grants & Foundations
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    Last revised: 1/19/2007
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361         Social Welfare
361.7      Endowments
371.2      Student Aid, Scholarships
378.3      Student Aid, Scholarships
658.15    Fundraising

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Web Sites

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Access to database of all Federal programs for grants, scholarships, loans, training, and specialized services. Updated biweekly.

Charity Navigator
This site evaluates charitable organizations on how effectively they fulfill their mission. There are only 3,400 of the largest charities in their database right now. They list the top administrative officer of each foundation, giving title and salary. The keyword search allows you to search for these people by name. Generally, the best search format is "First Last".

Foundation Center
Free sections: Under site’s Learning Lab, grant seekers can find free virtual classrooms with advice on researching for grants, budgeting, proposal writing, and finding support for education. Also free is a FAQ with much useful information on grant seeking.
Fee-based sections: Various plans with monthly options for researching over 76,000 private & community grant-making organizations, and grant-making foundations.

Books & Magazines

Associations USA : a directory of contact information for national associations, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations in the United States and Canada. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2004.
Call No.: R 061 ASSOCIAT
Useful for contact information for funding sources.

Bauer, David G., The "how to" grants manual : successful grantseeking techniques for obtaining public and private grants. 5th ed. Westport, CT : Praeger, 2003.
Call No.: NONFIC 658.1522 BAUER
Methods, techniques, and procedures for grantseekers.

Golden, Susan L., Secrets of successful grantsmanship : a guerrilla guide to raising money. San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass, c1997.
Call No.: NONFIC 658.1522 GOLDEN
Secrets from avoiding common pitfalls in grant writing to advocacy techniques.

Government assistance almanac. Washington, D.C. : Foggy Bottom Publications, c1985- .
Call No.: RREF 353.0082 DUMOUCHE 2000-01
Comprehensive guide to federal financial and domestic programs - grants, loans, personal payments, scholarships, and more.

Scholarships, grants & prizes 2005. 9th ed. Lawrenceville, N.J. : Thomson/Peterson's, c2004.
Call No.: R 378.3 SCHOLARS
Comprehensive information on "more than 1.7 million awards valued at $7.6 billion."

Books Available Through PINES

Hollis, Anthony. Everything you need to know about grants : how to write the grant ; how to get the grant ; where to get the grant. New York : IUniverse, Inc., c2004.
Call No.: 658.152 HOLLIS, ANTHONY

Lesko, Matthew. Free Money to Change Your Life. 1st ed. Kensington, MD: Information USA, c2002.
Call No.: 658.1522 LESKO

New, Cheryl Carter. Grant Seeker's Proposal Toolkit. New York: Chichester: Wiley, 2003.
Call No.: NONFIC 658.152 NEW

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Web Sites

Deborah Kluge's Grants
Detailed site includes all aspects of grant writing with samples, plus leads to grants by subject.

Grantmaking Public Charities
Annotated links to grant-making public charities by subject or geographic keyword. Provides links directly to web sites of grant-making public charities.
Allows organizations to electronically find & apply for grants from all Federal grant-making agencies.

Small Business Administration Grants
Grant programs designed to expand and enhance organizations that provide small business management, technical, or financial assistance. These grants generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state and local governments.


Annual Register of Grant Support, 2002: a Directory of Funding Sources. Medford, NJ: Information Today, 2002.
Call No.: R 361.7 ANNUAL 2002
"Grant support programs of governmental agencies, public & private foundations, corporations, community trusts, unions, educational & professional associations, & special interest organizations. Organized by field of interest with a geographical index. For Individuals & organizations."

GrantFinder: the Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide. New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000.
Call No.: R378.33
"The complete guide to postgraduate funding worldwide" with 3 volumes: Arts & Humanities, Science, Social Science.

Operating Grants for Nonprofit Organizations 2004. Phoenix, AZ : Oryx Press, c2004.
Call No.: R336.185 OPERATIN
"Over 1300 grants for organizations supporting arts and culture, children and youth programs, community development, economic development, health care, rural programs and urban programs."

Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2005. 9th ed. Lawrenceville, N.J. : Thomson/Peterson's, c2004.
Call No.: R378.3 SCHOLARS
Comprehensive information on "more than 1.7 million awards valued at $7.6 billion."

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Web Sites

Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Brief basics of grant writing put out by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Foundation Center’s Proposal Writing Short Course
Detailed, step-by-step guide to writing grants.

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal
Created by a Michigan State University professor, the site gives writing hints and examples for each part of a grant proposal.


Browning, Beverly A. Grant Writing for Dummies. Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 2001.
"Figure out the rules of the grants game to put together your grant application."

Thompson, Waddy. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grant Writing. Indianapolis, IN: Alpha, 2003.
Call No.: NONFIC 658.15224 THOMPSON
Comprehensive guide for individuals and grantseekers for organizations.

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Web Sites

Community Foundations
Annotated links to grant-making community foundations. Organized by state. Clicking on the state brings up annotated links.

Corporate Grantmaker Search
Annotated links to corporate foundations by subject or geographic keyword. Provides links directly to web sites of corporate grantmakers.

Foundation Center for People with Disabilities
Funding resources for people with disabilities. An area of the Foundation Center website to help people with disabilities who are using adaptive technology to navigate the site and for grantseekers for disability-related programs and issues.

Foundation DataBook
State-specific directory for CA, IA,KY, NE, LA,OK, OR, & WA. Databases of grant-making foundations with a categorical listing of all grants made for the most recent year on record.

Foundation Directory Online
For individual grant-seekers, a fee-based search of foundations, grant-makers, and grants. Subscription with online access to 6000+ foundations & public charity programs. Has excellent free material on grant-seeking advice and interactive e-learning course on topics such as budgeting, proposal writing, & finding foundation support for education. Plus FAQs on where to find information on grants to individuals, resources for individuals with disabilities, etc.

Foundation Finder
Search by name for basic information about more than 70,000 private & community foundations. Includes address, phone, contact, email & website, type, & assets.

Foundation Search!
Metasoft Systems Inc. has developed an easily searchable database of over 3,000,000 grants made by over 85,000 foundations since 2000 and allows users to view results using interactive international, state and county level maps. Includes 5 years of searchable 990PF/990s, detailed text and graphical foundation profiles, maps showing locations of all new and established foundations in the USA as well as a powerful FoundationNews service. They offer a number of other fee-based services for foundation researchers.

Database with over a half million tax returns from almost 100,000 private foundations & charitable trusts. Shows grants & amounts given during the year. Most recent data from 2005.

Free registration allows access to detailed information about charitable organizations.

Private Foundations
Annotated links to private foundations by subject or geographic keyword. Provides links directly to web sites of private grantmakers.

Individual foundations and grant making agencies may also be researched by putting the name into a search engine query. (Example: using as a search engine, enter Ford Foundation)


Associations USA : a directory of contact information for national associations, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations in the United States and Canada. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2004.
Call No.: R 061 ASSOCIAT
Contains mailing, fax and web addresses, telephone numbers.

Corporate Giving Directory. 24th ed. Detroit, Mich. :Taft Group, 2002.
Call No.: R 361.765 CORPORAT
Profiles of America’s major corporate foundations & corporate charitable giving programs. Organized by corporation with indexes by company’s operating location, location of grant recipient, type of recipient, officers & directors.

Foundation Grants Index. New York: Foundation Center, 2001.
Call No.: NONFIC 361.7 FOUNDATI 2001
Allows grant seekers to identify a foundation’s giving interests by subject & geographic focus, types of organizations funded, types of support awarded & population groups served. Organized geographically with subject index. For grants organizations.

Foundation Grants to Individuals. 14th ed. New York : Foundation Center, c2005.
Call No.: R 001.44 FOUNDATI 14TH ED.
Listing of private US foundations that provide financial assistance to individuals. Grouped by topics—educational support, general welfare, research & professional support, corporate for employees, academic for graduates or students. Indexes by subject & geographic focus.

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