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155.4     Child Psychology & Development
305.23   Child Development
306.85   Family
306.874  Parenting
371.1     Parent-Teacher Conferences
372        Pre-school and Elementary Education
599        Pregnancy
612.6     Pregnancy & Child Development
618.2     Prenatal Care
649        Parenting

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Web Sites

Child Development Institute
". . .award winning site for information on child development, psychology, parenting, learning, health and safety as well as childhood disorders such as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and autism. We provide comprehensive resources and practical suggestions for parents covering toddlers to teens."

Child & Family WebGuide
Contains information on parenting, education, development, mental health, and much more. Topics are also arranged by age but can be searched using the index.
"By providing information, wisdom, and perspective, we strive to prepare parents to become knowledgeable partners who can work with their children's physicians in a new and rich way." Contains articles, chat room, and discussion boards with stages ranging from prenatal to adolescents.

Dr. Spock Company
"Created by doctors and other experts, and enhanced by contributions from family members like you, delivers original articles and answers to parents' questions in an online-community environment that emphasizes a safe, lively exchange of advice and ideas. "

Family & Parenting at PageWise,Inc.
Directory of sites that include development, health/safety, teenagers, education, child care, discipline, and much more.

Keep Kids Healthy
"A Pediatrician's guide to your children's health and safety." Covers newborns to adolescents and includes information about nutrition, growth, first-aid, vaccines, health problems, and safety issues.

National Parenting Center
"Dedicated to providing parents with comprehensive and responsible guidance from the world's most renowned child-rearing authorities." Includes articles, chat, and product reviews.
" is the online home of Parenting magazine, but we want it to be your online home-away-from-home, too. We offer useful tools, in-depth information, reality- tested advice, and quick tips. Even more important to us is our lively community of moms who share their experience, their support — and even their sense of humor."
Defines three parenting stages (expecting, baby & toddler, and child) and provides links and descriptions to a variety of articles from different websites for each stage.


Cohen, Lawrence J. Playful Parenting: a Bold New Way to Nuture Close Connections, Solve Behavior Problems, and Encourage Children's Confidence. New York: Ballantine Books, 2001.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.5 COHEN

De Toledo and Deborah E. Brown. Grandparents as Parents: A Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family. New York: Guilford Press, 1999.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.1 DE TOLEDO

Faber, Adele. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. New York: Avon, 1980.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.1 FABER

Feigenbaum, Alan. A Parent's Guide to Money: Raising Financially Savvy Children. Los Angeles: Parent's Guide Press, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 332.024 FEIGENBA

Melina, Lois Ruskai. Raising Adopted Children : a Manual for Adoptive Parents. New York, N.Y.: Harper & Row, c1986.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.145 MELINA

Pantley, Elizabeth. Perfect Parenting: the Dictionary of 1,000 Parenting Tips. Lincolnwood, Ill.: Contemporary Books, 1999.

Parents Magazine's the Best Advice I Ever Got: 1,203 Fast Fixes, Simple Solutions, and Wise Ideas for Raising Kids. Rodale: St. Martin's Press, 2001.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.1 PARENTS

Pleshette Murphy, Ann. The 7 Stages of Motherhood: Making the Most of Your Life as a Mom. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004.
Call No.: NONFIC 306.8743 PLESHETT

Ricci, Isolina. Mom's House, Dad's House : a Complete Guide for Parents Who Are Separated, Divorced, or Remarried. New York: Simon & Schuster, c1997.
Call No.: NONFIC 306.89 RICCI


The Parenting Principle. Atlanta, GA: ImageMaster 1999.
Call No.: VC 649.1 PARENTIN

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Web Sites

Contains parenting advice, shopping guidance, and a support system with other parents.
Provides pregnancy information as well as support from educators, nurses, doulas, and midwifes. Includes pregnancy photos, calendar birth plans, stories, and much more.
Topics include symptoms, planning, possible complications, teen pregnancy, diet, exercise, and much more.

Pregnancy Weekly
" is a leading weekly, smart, e-newsletter for pregnant women. It is one of the most personalized and comprehensive e-newsletters for expecting moms, and it's FREE! It is the only e-newsletter to deliver a subscriber's caregiver practice information at the appropriate week of pregnancy.'s editorial board includes obstetricians, midwives, and childbirth educators."

"Created in April 1996, this award-winning site has grown from a list of pregnancy links to over 7000 pages of rich content covering pregnancy, parenting, and more, along with a very active community of devoted members." Among the useful tools provided are a baby name database, due date calculator, and bedrest survival guide.


Connolly, Maureen and Dana Sullivan. The Essential C-Section Guide: Pain Control, Healing at Home, Getting Your Body Back--and Everything Else You Need to Know About a Cesarean Birth. New York: Broadway Books, 2004.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.86 CONNOLLY

Curtis, Glade B. Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Tucson: Fisher Books, 2000.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.2 CURTIS

Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg, Arlene Eisenberg, and Sandee Eisenberg Hathaway. What to Expect When You're Expecting. New York: Workman Publishing Company, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.24 EISENBER

Korte, Diana. The VBAC Companion: the Expectant Mother's Guide to Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. Boston: Harvard Common Press, 1997.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.4 KORTE

Kitzinger, Sheila. The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth. New York: A. A. Knopf, 1996.

Simkin, Penny. The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth. Boston : Harvard Common Press, c1989.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.4 SIMKIN

Stoppard, Miriam. Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth. New York, Dorling Kindersley, 2000.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.24 STOPPARD

Swinney, Bridget. Eating Expectantly: a Practical and Tasty Approach to Prenatal Nutrition. New York: Meadowbrook Press, 1996.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.24 SWINNEY

Tsiaras, Alexander. From Conception to Birth, a Life Unfolds. New York: Doubleday, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 618.32075 TSIARAS


It's Family Time. Dallas, TX: Learning Through Entertainment, 1993.
Call No.: J PARENT 618.2 IT'S
Call No.: VC 618.2 IT'S

Nutrition in Pregnancy. Sherman Oaks, CA: Academy Communications, n.d.
Call No.: VC 618 NUTRITIO

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Web Sites
" is intended to help parents become better information consumers of health care. The information presented in this site gives general advice on parenting and health care." Main topics include pregnancy, bottlefeeding, nutrition, discipline, sleep problems, illness, and medicine. An A to Z index is also available.

The Baby Booklet
Text of a newborn handout provided to new parents by the Alliance Medical Group. Includes information about the body, growth, temperament, habits, and common concerns.

Oh Baby!
" We developed the Oh Baby site for you--parents who strive to be the very best parents for their kids. People who understand what a sacred job this is we do--to be the nurturer, provider, mentor and molder of a young life. We wanted to provide easy access to information that will enrich your parenting experience. Even just a little information about important issues like bonding, health, and infant stimulation can make all the difference." Covers infant stimulation, funny baby stories, milestones, and health.

" is an easy-to-navigate one-stop resource designed to help parents of children ages 2 to 8 better manage and enjoy the day-to-day challenges of raising great kids. ParentCenter takes a friendly and informative approach to content, offering helpful experts and a vibrant online community. ParentCenter includes more than a thousand original articles created especially for the Web, covering the topics of children's health, fun and activities, learning, and parenting. Information is organized by age and grade so you can find the most relevant information for your child's situation quickly and easily."

Parenting Toddlers
" Practical advice and tips for raising toddlers. . . Ensuring your toddlers' safety, potty training, disciplining your toddler, and various activities for your toddler. This site is dedicated to all parents with toddlers to help alleviate their headaches on handling toddlers."

Zero To Three: For Parents
" ZERO TO THREE's mission is to promote the healthy development of our nation's infants and toddlers by supporting and strengthening families, communities, and those who work on their behalf. We are dedicated to advancing current knowledge; promoting beneficial policies and practices; communicating research and best practices to a wide variety of audiences; and providing training, technical assistance and leadership development." Includes topical index, tip of the week, how the brain develops, and much more.


Acredolo, Linda P. Baby Signs: How to Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1996.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.122 ACREDOLO
Call No.: NONFIC 649.122 ACREDOLO

Eisenberg, Arlene, Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff, and Sandee Eisenberg Hathaway. What to Expect the Toddler Years. New York: Workman Publishing Company, 1994.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.112 EISENBER

Hogg, Tracy. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby. New York: Ballantine Books, 2001.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.122 HOGG

Hogg, Tracy. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers. New York: Ballantine Books, 2002.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.122 HOGG
Call No.: NONFIC 649.122 HOGG

Iovine, Vicki. The Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers, a Survival Manual to the "Terrible Twos" (and Ones and Threes) from the First Step, the First Potty, and the First Word ("No") to the Last Blankie. New York: Berkley Publishing Group, 1999.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.1 IOVINE
Call No.: NONFIC 649.1 IOVINE

Karp, Harvey. The Happiest Baby on the Block: the New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer
Call No.: J PARENT 649.122 KARP

Kurcinka, Mary Sheedy. Raising Your Spirited Child : a Guide For Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic. New York, NY: HarperCollins, c1991.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.1 KUR

Leach, Penelope. Your Baby & Child. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1997.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.122 LEACH
Call No.: NONFIC 649.122 LEACH 1997

Malmstrom, Patricia Maxwell. The Art of Parenting Twins: the Unique Joys and Challenges of Raising Twins and Other Multiples. New York: Ballantine Books, 1999.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.144 MALMSTRO
Call No.: NONFIC 649.144 MALMSTRO

Sears, William. The Baby Book, Everything You Need to Know about Your Baby- From Birth to Age Two. Boston: Little and Brown, 1993.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.122 SEARS

Severe, Sal. How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too. New York: Viking, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.123 SEVERE


A Baby's World. Santa Monica, CA: Family Home Entertainment, 2000.
Call No.: J PARENT 305.231 BABY's

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Web Sites
". . . the best of the Internet's content, resources, and shopping for parents, teachers, and kids. Launched in September, 2000, the company's mission is to be an online consumer network of the world's best learning and information resources, personalized to help parents, teachers, and students of all ages take control of their learning and make it part of their everyday lives."

" is an easy-to-navigate one-stop resource designed to help parents of children ages 2 to 8 better manage and enjoy the day-to-day challenges of raising great kids. ParentCenter takes a friendly and informative approach to content, offering helpful experts and a vibrant online community. ParentCenter includes more than a thousand original articles created especially for the Web, covering the topics of children's health, fun and activities, learning, and parenting. Information is organized by age and grade so you can find the most relevant information for your child's situation quickly and easily."
"This is your guide to the best and most helpful information about how to help your child succeed in school." Evaluates, reviews, and provides access to useful articles about education. Search by keyword.

RAISIN- Currents for Parents Raisin' Children
Provides information on education, health, safety, entertainment, and more to parents of children age 12 and under.

School Success
" Today's parents work long hours, extra jobs and must handle other responsibilities that limit their time. These web pages can offer tips and ideas so you can use what little time you have to ask the right questions, know where to turn and help your child succeed. "

Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
". . . a national initiative by Children Now and the Kaiser Family Foundation to encourage parents to talk with their children earlier and more often about tough issues like sex, HIV/AIDS, violence, alcohol, and drug abuse." Includes tips, booklets, and other resources. School Age
"During these years, your child acquires new skills, new friends, a new sense of him/herself... Read about ways to deal with school, behavior and communication challenges with kids aged 6 - 12."


Bennett, William J. The Educated Child: a Parent's Guide from Preschool through Eighth Grade. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000.
Call No.: NONFIC 371.192 BENNETT

Berkenkamp, Lauri. Talking to Your Kids About Sex: From Toddlers to Preteens. Norwich, VT: Nomad Press, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 155.418 BERKENKA

Chase, Bob. The New Public School Parent: How to Get the Best Education for Your Elementary School Child. New York: Penguin Books, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 371.192 CHASE

Coloroso, Barbara. Kids are Worth It!: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline. New York: W. Morrow, 1994.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.64 COLOROSO

Faber, Adele. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. New York: Avon, 1982.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.1 FABER

Greenspan, Stanley I. and Jacqueline Salmon. Playground Politics: Understanding the Emotional Life of Your School-Age Child. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1994.
Call No.: NONFIC 155.4124 GREENSPA

Radencich, Margaret, Jeanne Schumm, and Pamela Espeland. How to Help your Child with Homework: Every Caring Parent's Guide to Encouraging Good Study Habits and Ending the Homework Wars: for Parents of Children Ages 6-13. Minneapolis: Free Spirit Pub., 1988.
Call No.: JNF 371.3028

Stevenson, Howard C. Stickin' To, Wachin' Over, and Gettin' With: an African American Parent's Guide to Discipline. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2001.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.64 STEVENSO


1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12. Glen Ellyn, IL: Child Management, 1990.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.1 ONE

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Web Sites

Parenting Teens (Focus Adolescent Services)
"Focus Adolescent Services is an internet clearinghouse of information and resources to help and support families with troubled and at-risk teens." Includes a directory of family help organizations, articles, special schools, books, and events.

Parenting of Adolescents
Guide to sites and articles ranging from curfews to stocking stuffer ideas.

Parents. The Anti-Drug.
" was created by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign to equip parents and other adult caregivers with the tools they need to raise drug-free kids. Working with the nation's leading experts in the fields of parenting and substance abuse prevention, serves as a drug prevention information center, and a supportive community for parents to interact and learn from each other."

Parents in Crisis
"The purpose of the organization is to provide information to parents of "at-risk" teens by introducing them to programs that might be helpful to their particular situations, by providing them with useful tools in better coping with the crisis in their home, and by using the internet as a tool to keep them abreast of resources that may be of concern to them and their children."


Bradley, Michael J. and Carroll O'Connor. Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind. Gig Harbor, Wash.: Harbor Press, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.125 BRADLEY

Cline, Foster. Parenting Teens with Love & Logic: Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood. Colorado Springs: Pinon Press, 1992.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.125 CLINE

Deak, JoAnn and Teresa Barker. Girls will be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters. New York: Hyperion, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 649.133 DEAK

DeBecker, Gavin. Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children & Teenagers Safe (& Parents Sane). New York: Dial Press, 1999.

Garbarino, James and Ellen DeLara. And Words Can Hurt Forever: How to Protect Adolescents From Bullying, Harassment, and Emotional Violence. New York: Free Press, 2002.
Call No.: NONFIC 373.158 GARBARIN

McCarthy, Alice R. Healthy Teens: Success in High School and Beyond. 2nd ed. Birmingham, MI: Bridge Communications, 1997.
Call No.: NONFIC 613.0433 MCCARTHY


Active parenting of teens. Vols. 1-5. Marietta, GA: Active Parenting, Inc., 1999.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.1 ACTIVE

Parenting for Today: Who's in Charge?. New York: Wellspring Media, 1995.

Surviving your adolescents. Glen Ellyn, IL: Child Management, 1999.
Call No.: J PARENT 649.125 SURVIVIN


Cameron, Bruce W. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter [sound recording]. Abridged. Los Angeles: Audio Renaissance, 2002.
Call No.: CD 814.6 CAMERON

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