The Special Needs Library of Northeast Georgia is a part of your public library and the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, serving Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Greene, Gwinnett, Habersham, Hancock, Hart, Jackson, Jasper, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Putnam, Rabun, Stephens, Walton and White counties. We do not endorse any product or service mentioned in this newsletter.

Phone: 800-531-2063, 706-613-3655

Staff: Stacey Chandler, Lavern Gordon, Claudia Markov, Pete Hayek

April 2003



Please complete the following survey questions. To return the survey, simply flip the back page around and fold it in half with our address facing the outside. If you need assistance filling out the form and would rather call in your answers, feel free to speak to one of our staff at 706-613-3655 or 800-531-2063.
  1. Please check the most appropriate response.
    (U=usually, S=sometimes, N=almost never).
  2. Does your cassette player work to your satisfaction?
    Yes_____ No_____
  3. When a machine is returned to the Special Needs Library for repair and a replacement is requested, is one returned to you promptly?
    Yes_____ No_____ Have not returned machine_____
  4. If you subscribe to magazines and/or newspapers from the Special Needs Library, are you pleased with your service?
    Yes_____ No_____

    How would you rate the quality of recording for magazines and/or newspapers received from the Special Needs Library?
    Excellent_____ Average_____ Needs Improvement_____

  5. Overall, are you satisfied with the Special Needs Library and its services?
    Quite Satisfied_____ Satisfied_____ Not Satisfied_____
  6. What do you like most about our services?
    Comments:_______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
  7. How could we improve our services?
  8. Are there any books, authors, magazines, or subjects you would like to have added to your request list or submitted to the National Library Service to be considered for the library's collection if not currently available?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Changing Seasons

With the thought of leaving winter behind and the promise of spring ahead, Reader Advisor Paul Mathews has selected some nonfiction works dealing with the ever-changing seasons.

Attention: Seeking Pen Pal

Kossi Houngues, one of our patrons here at the Special Needs Library, is still interested in finding a pen pal to correspond with. He is a Braille reader, and he has someone who can read letters to him. You can contact him at his email address or call us here at the Special Needs Library for more information.

Radio Spirits

Radio Spirits is the world's largest marketer of old time radio shows, which it sells on audiocassette, compact disc or dvd. Radio Spirit's library of old time radio programs includes mysteries, detective stories, comedies, westerns, and adventures that originally aired from the 1930's to the 1960's. This library consists of more than 60,000 classic radio shows including programs such as The Jack Benny Show, The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, The Whistler, Abbott & Costello and much more. To order a catalog visit their website at or write
Radio Spirits P.O. Box 3107
Wallingford, CT 06492.

Children's Books

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