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APRIL 2006

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived and that means it is time for some spring cleaning. If you are having trouble moving around your room because there are talking books and magazines everywhere, now is the perfect time to send them back. If you have tapes but can't find the container for them, you can put them in with another book and we will sort them out when we receive them.

Visually Impaired Foundation of Georgia, Inc.

the Visually Impaired Foundation of Georgia is a non-profit group formed in 1997 and their goal is to serve as a comprehensive guide for visually impaired and blind Georgians. Their website contains information on groups and services, oganizations, funding, vendors, and many other links. Their website address is


Baseball season has just begun, and there are many who yearn to be part of the action. Beep Baseball is a sport which allows visually impaired people to join the fun. It is a truly competitive sport that is played from the recreational level all the way to the level of international competition. The sport as a national competition began in 1975, and has spread throughout the world. How can a person who is blind play this game? Beep baseball is played in many ways very similar to softball played by athletes with normal visual acuity. There are some modifications so it is easier for those who do not have the ability to see the ball or bases to participate. The ball is one size larger than a regular softball, and it has an electronic beeping device implanted within the ball. Each team is comprised with a minimum of 6 players who are at least legally blind and at least 3 players who have normal visual acuity. During play each of the six players who are visually impaired must wear blindfolds, thus there is no advantage to those with partial vision. The three players with normal vision play the positions of pitcher, catcher, and field spotter. In this sport the pitcher is pitching to his or her own team. Once the ball is hit, one of two bases will start buzzing and the hitter will run and attempt to tag that base before one of the six players on the oppo sing team can stop the ball and pick it up. At the end of the play it is either a run or and out, there is no proceeding from base to base. A game of beep baseball is 6 innings and there are 3 outs per inning, with one exception. The one exception is when a blindfolded player catches a fly ball, which retires the other side regardless of their out count. Though there are safety precautions, the game is not a "watered down" safe little activity, as it is played at the highest level of competition. Would you or someone you know like to learn more about this game? If you can get to Athens on Saturday afternoons you are invited to play on the Lobo's team in Athens. We have players who come from as far away as Elberton, Toccoa, and occasionally from Macon. If you know of players who would like to assist, who are sighted, we always need folks who will help with transportation, coaching, pitching, and many other important duties. To make contact with the Lobo's, please call Roger Keeney at (706)353-7463, or e-mail him at For more information about Beep Baseball at the national and international level go to the following web site:

If I Only Had a Horn

If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong by Roxane Orgill is a network-produced book that has achieved full acceptance through the Multistate Center East(MSCE) Quality Assurance Program. This is the first title recorded by volunteers at Louisiana Voices Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped to earn full NLS acceptance. This is a children's book on one cassette and it's book number is RCN 012. Let us know if you are interested in receiving this book.

Web Magnifier is a search engine developed to deliver search results in a large easy to read format. They have announced the availability of Web Magnifier which is a free, downloadable toolbar for use with Internet Explorer. Web Magnifier provides users with the ability to enlarge the text and graphics of any HTML web page for easier reading and navigation. Web Magnifier is available for download at

Here is a list of books about gardening now that spring has sprung

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