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February 2003



As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, the Special Needs Library of NE GA will be closed in February because we are installing a new automated circulation system. There has been a small change in the days we will be closed. I put in last month's newsletter that we would be closed February 11th - February 14th. However, this has changed slightly. We will instead be closed Monday, February 10th through Thursday, February 13th. We will reopen on Friday, February 14th. This transition means that our circulation of books may be very slow during the first two weeks of February until we are up and running on the new system. Please make sure you check out plenty of books at the very beginning of February to ensure you have enough to read during this transition period.

Political Powerhouse

The season for political campaigning and elections has ended - for this year! Now may be the time to supplement the campaign ads and television pundits with some in-depth background. We have many fascinating books examining the lives and careers of the political heavyweights who will play a major role in guiding our nation's future. In A Charge to Keep: My Journey to the White House (RC 51903) by George W. Bush, the president chronicles his childhood, education, military service, and business career. Bush also discusses his philosophy of compassionate conservatism. First Son: George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty (RC 49428) by Bill Minutaglio is a biography of the current president. Published 2000, the book covers "Dubya's" family history, interests, personal traits, and shortcomings.

Al Gore received a plurality of the popular votes but lost in the electoral college in 2000. Will he be back in 2004? Gore presents his own ideas in Creating a Government That Works Better and Costs Less (RC 37384). Biographer Bob Zelnick tells the story of this enigmatic figure in Gore: A Political Life (RC 48630).

The most controversial woman in America could be Hillary Rodham Clinton. As First Lady and Senator, she not only survived political turmoil, she triumphed over it. Examine her turbulent life in the late Barbara Olson's Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton (RC 49830) and Gail Sheehy's Hillary's Choice (RC 49560).

Ed Rendell, the winner in Pennsylvania's race for governor, is the subject of A Prayer for the City (RC 46708) by Buzz Bissinger. The book focuses on Rendell's administration as mayor of Philadelphia in the 1990's.

You may want to read about some other national political notables, including the centenarian senator from South Carolina- Strom Thurmond. His amazing political longevity is examined in Strom Thurmond and the Politics of Southern Change (RC 39304) by Nadine Cohodas. On the opposite side of the ideological spectrum is Edward M. Kennedy: A Biography (RC 49581) by Adam Clymer. This book describes the trials and achievements of the longtime Massachusetts senator.

Finally, for all you independents, we offer two books written by the wildman from Minnesota- Governor Jesse Ventura. I Ain't Got Time to Bleed (RC 48828) and Do I Stand Alone? Going to the Mat against Political Pawns and Media Jackals (RC 52597) outline Ventura's radical plans for changing the political process.

We Know WHO You Are...We Need to Know WHERE You Are

Moving??? Don't forget to let us know your new address AND your new phone number. You can e-mail us at:, phone us at (706) 613-3655 or phone toll free at 1-800-531-2063.


The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) has published Magnifying Devices: A Resource Guide, a new reference circular which lists devices that provide magnification, such as magnifiers, magnifying lamps, screen magnifiers, computer software, and close-circuit television and enhanced vision system (alphabetical listing is also included). The circular also provides information on how to obtain product evaluations and a list of Internet resources. If interested, visit online at:

Child Safety

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has compiled a number of brochures on child safety. Topics include "Child Safety in Amusement Parks or Theme Parks", "Summer Safety Tips for Parents" and General Parental Tips to Help Keep Your Child Safer". Visit their website at A braille edition is available from the National Braille Press. Visit their website at

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