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JULY 2004

The Special Needs Library will be closed Monday, July 5, 2004, to observe Independence Day!!

One of our patrons, Betty Grenevitch, has just recently self-published her autobiography of what it was like for her to grow up blind. It is now available in regular print and Braille. The cost of the print book is $7.00, the cost for the computer Braille paper version is $10.00, and the cost for the thermoform copy of the Braille Book is $15.00. The book is called “Paths of Light”, and in it, Betsy describes the fears, frustrations, and struggles many blind people face. Join Betsy on this remarkable journey from darkness to “Paths of Light”. If interested in more information about her book or to purchase a copy, contact Betsy at (678) 344-6100 or email her at

Note to Patrons:

Please remember to make sure your name and address is on any request lists you send to us. If you circle reading selections from the newsletter to return to us, make sure you write out your name on it, so we’ll know who to send the requested books to. Thanks!

Vacation Reading Program

Our vacation reading club for children ages preschool - seniors in high school began on June 1st. All of our younger readers should’ve received a vacation reading club packet in the mail with details. We will monitor your reading through the months of June, July & August and will award a free T-shirt for reading 12 books or more throughout the summer. Call with summer reading requirements for school assignments and don't forget to read some fun books for leisure reading too. If you didn’t receive a packet, call and let us know.

National Federation of the Blind Announcement

The National Federation of the Blind’s American Action Fund for Blind Children and Youth is proud to offer their Free Braille Books Program to provide popular books to children who are blind. AAF reviews the titles it offers periodically to reflect changing reading interests and trends. Participants may enroll in or withdraw from the program at any time and may receive one, two, or all three titles at no charge. Children and parents who are blind, teachers of students with visual impairments, or schools and libraries serving the blind are all eligible to participate in this free program. To apply, contact: AAF Free Braille Book Program at (410) 659-9314 ext. 361. You can also check out their Also: Free Braille alphabet titles in grades 1 and 2, as well as Spanish, Russian, and Polish Braille, are available to parents and teachers of children who are blind. For more information, call Arnold Dunn, at (727) 867-3818.

Music Courses for the Visually Impaired

If you are interested in learning to play the guitar, piano, banjo, bass and drums using no music or Braille notation, then visit the following or call (229) 249-0628 and ask for Bill Brown. Bill Brown has taught over 600 students around the world using tapes and CDs. To get a free audio catalogue call or visit their website!

Braille Street Maps

The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute provides tactile street maps via the Web. The system uses a server-based geographic information system (GIS) and will be able to produce tactile graphics files properly prepared for standard Braille embossers, swell paper, ViewPlus Tiger embossers, or other tactile output devices. Ultimately, the software will be available as an on-line service that allows anyone to request a tactile street map of any location at any scale, download the files and emboss or render the tactile map immediately. The street maps are automatically produced with appropriate information density, Braille labels, and simple line figures to optimize their use by a blind map reader. The current system only includes USA data. In the future, other data sources may be used. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to become a beta tester, visit

The Reagan Administration: A Comprehensive Bibliography

America recently said goodbye to its 40th president. Ronald Reagan was eulogized as a leader of conviction, humility, faith, humor and optimism during dark moments of the Cold War. To explore Reagan’s accomplishments and gaffes, Reader Advisor Susan Higgins, has compiled this bibliography of the books available about the Reagan Administration.

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